Danny Forrest

  • 12-22-2014 |
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This is one very cute Twink boy that loves to show off. Danny Forrest is slender, but strong, with a large cock that hardens readily. Follow him as he walks the beautiful Next Door Twink shooting grounds, photographing scenic views and colorful growth in the garden. Danny is an artsy, thoughtful boy, who loves history, museums, and creating visual artwork. He also loves jerking his fat, swollen meat, while imagining a hard cock sliding into his ass. After he introduces himself, He's getting warm and comfortable on a soft couch, and becoming nude for your enjoyment. Stroke your dick along with Danny and watch him fuck a couple of couch cushions the way he'd like to pound your ass.


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Pretty in Pink" the gay porn world needs many more red-heads- such pretty pink cocks!
2015-04-21 08:18
I don't know what you guys are talking about. This guy is crazy hot!
2014-12-23 00:02
I agree, Danny is hot. I've watched several of his videos in which he topped in all but one and flip flopped in that one. If those first two commentators had Danny's long big cock sliding up their butts, they would be moaning in delight!
2014-12-23 21:33
Good for him that you think so
2014-12-25 19:08
Why do you always show these SKINNY guys? Start showing guys with some MEAT on their frames!
2014-12-22 19:46
First of all i have to say a big "thank you" for bringing Danny Forest in a solo-video. I strongly hope, that he will make a second solo-video soon. About the photos, decause he is my most favorite model on this site since i saw him the first time here. But the photos, OMG, same issue as on 99% of the pgotos here. Your photographer seems to think, that a guy has no feet (and legs), so most of the pictures are "ending" below ass/dick). And this even while many photos are shot in high format (small side to long side instead of long side to small side). The new 16:9-format is a shit for solo-videos, only when sitting (legs on floor/bed or using a strange 30-60 degrees-angel the boy can "fill" the screen. But if you turn the cam (exactly) 90 degrees, this format is becoming ideal for shooting a boy STANDING (or even kneeling). He can pose his body and later shoot his load side to the cam (before a dark background, so cum will be visable). I love solo-videos and so i make ALL my solo-videos with turning the 16:9 cam to 9:16. The result is best possible resolution to see all details from the model. And always the FULL BODY (from head to feet), nothing cut off. So may be you will think about this when producing solo-videos which are not limited to lay on the floor/bed. For this case (laying/sitting) the "normal" 16:9 is much better, for sure. But standing-videos are quite natural with the cam turned 90 degrees, showing all the guy can show, and all with best possible resolution. So please give this a try when making solo-videos. About the photos: It should be NORMAL to have some FULL BODY shots STANDING among all the pictures. This is very easy to make and nobody will be disturbed by unusual format, as it may happen with 9:16 video (because nut usual on the sites).
2014-12-22 03:08
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