Birthday Boy Toy

  • 06-03-2014 |
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You know when it's your boyfriend's birthday, and you wanna get him the perfect gift? Well take a tip from Lucas Owens. His boyfriend, Trent Ferris, is celebrating a very special birth anniversary and Lucas has planned for a super hot, hard-bodied stud to show up and get naked. Trent would've never expected to see the incredible Johnny Diesel show up, ready for hot action!

But before Johnny arrives, Lucas is sucking Trent's cock in the morning to wake him up and prepare him for the treat. Lucas knows Trent's dick is always pretty firm in the morning, and with some nice, passionate licking and bobbing, it'll be just right for Johnny. When Johnny finally enters Trent and Lucas's bedroom, he removes his shirt immediately and allows Trent to pull out his throbbing dong. Trent is so surprised and elated, all he can do is slurp on Johnny's big, thick member. Lucas trades off with him, sharing the hot stud's boner. Then Trent lays back to enjoy a blowjob from their guest, while Lucas smooches Trent, giving lots of birthday love. Then Trent gets in doggy position, letting Johnny insert his man meat into Trent's tight, eager hole. Lucas continues kissing and caressing both guys while Trent takes a hard pounding. Then it's Lucas's turn to get fucked. Trent lays his boyfriend down and slides his pulsating cock into his warm ass. Lucas sucks Johnny while being slammed nice and proper. It's a very unexpected, very hot birthday party.


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More sustained closeups without cock-blocking would be up my sordid alley...
2015-10-23 21:18
Trent Ferris is a star he's got it all beautiful face, body and ass would have liked to see him getting rimmed so we could see his lovey ass cheeks!
2014-10-04 13:20
Wooh those sexy guys have great tattoos on their body, its so hot !
2014-08-23 22:26
The cum swallow is hot!!!
2014-07-29 14:28
The chemistry between Trent Ferris and Lucas Owens who were in the awesome Lucky on the flip is evident and then Johnny Deisel warms up to those two hot twinks and this trio is our favorite yet.
2014-06-05 01:34
Another great Tuesday twink scene! After twink Lucas gives birthday head to twink Trent, "birthday present" Johnny Diesel arrives, gets head from both of the twinks and then gives Trent his birthday fuck. Trent, in this and one or two prior videos, shows what a great bottom he is, but, for the last ten minutes plus of this scene, he shows what a fine top he is by pounding the cute little twink butt of Lucas, who whimpers with joy throughout the fuck (Johnny quiets him down somewhat by sticking is dick in Lucas' mouth). Great ending with Johnny Diesel cumming in Lucas' mouth, and Lucas openning his mouth to display Johnny's cum. Since Lucas was in such a take cum in his mouth mooe, Trent should have shot his load in there as well, but we can save that for next time. Outstanding scene!
2014-06-03 23:28
loved this scene. especially liked the end where he unloaded his cum in a mouth.
2014-06-03 08:46
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