Game Boys

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Game BoysSit back, and get ready to be transported into a world of digital excitement! Rick McCoy and his dorm roommate, Andras Styles, are getting into some fierce competition over a video game requiring significant physical maneuvering. They're jockeying for position as top dog in a game of video tennis. Andras thinks he's the bomb, but Rick knows he's unbeatable. When Andras challenges him to a match involving a high stakes bet, Rick is eager to take him up!Andras is literally putting his ass on the line by agreeing to let Rick fuck him if he wins. When Rick eases into a clean victory, Andras is getting just what he bargained for...a nice, fat cock! Rick goes from serving digital tennis balls on a virtual court to serving his meaty dick to his roommate in their own dorm room! You'll love seeing Rick's mouth bob on Andras's boner just before these excited college pals fuck. And Rick's even bringing out a couple surprises. Watch him insert his unique glass toy into Andras, just before sliding a large dildo all the way into his own tight hole. Then join these game addicts as they help each other warp to the boss level!Enjoy!

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Andras Styles has the smallest dick I've ever seen. Guys with dicks that small should never be seen naked in public, certainly not on the screen. He does, however, have a nice round ass. Rick McCoy's alabaster skin covering his sculpted body is such a turn on. He has lovely asscheeks between which is a delicious pink cabbage rose. Obviously both these guys are bottoms and have no topping skills. They seems to discover that a big toy is better than a miniscule dick. Nevertheless, they're both so pretty!
2014-12-12 06:46
Andras Styles has a beautiful little ass. Regretably, Rick McCoy knows absolutely NOTHING about topping. What a waste.
2014-07-29 00:44
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