How The Twinks Stole Christmas

  • 12-20-2011 |
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Johnny Torque is home visiting his family for Christmas. His stepbrother, Noah Brooks, is a goody-two-shoes who doesn't like to upset his mom and dad. But Johnny, on the other hand, is a VERY mischievous boy.

He's convincing poor, young Noah to open the presents under the tree early, and STEAL the gifts! Noah is reluctant, but he wants to look cool in Johnny's eyes. He agrees and the boys unwrap quite a surprise! They find a Fleshjack meant for Dad and some special condomns meant for Mom. Johnny has been wanting to try out a Fleshjack for a while and he's not letting this opportunity slip by. He's showing Noah how this cool sex toy works, and employing Noah's help in the process. Watch sweet, innocent Noah jerk Johnny's fat, hard cock before Noah gets on his knees for a taste. Then you'll see Johnny coax Noah into accepting his giant, throbbing, bad-influence of a cock into Noah's tender, boy-scout asshole.


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Good acting and hot sex with younger brother choir boy virgin Noah giving his first head and getting his virgin butt fucked by his older brother Johnny, both in their boy scout uniforms (for a while at least) by their family Christmas tree. Noteworthy is Johnny's cum shot at the end where he shoots half the length of Noah's body and his cum hits Noah on his left check just barely missing going into Noah's mouth. After this video, Noah should definitely consider sharing his new oral and bottoming talents with the other boy scouts in his troop!
2014-12-25 23:33
Nice combination Christmas, twink brother, boy scout video.
2014-12-25 23:27
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