Jack Club

  • 07-10-2012 |
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The first rule of Jack Club is that you don't talk about Jack Club. The second rule is that there are no rules. Sound contradictory? Well spend some time with Joey Hard, Matthew Keading and Ashton Rush and it will all make more sense. Meeting in their usual place at the usual time, these three “cum” together often enough that they know exactly how to make the most of their time. Spreading out on the bed, the three of them 69 each other in a cock sucking triangle of dicks, before the hot and heavy foreplay leads causes Joey to beg for Matthew's dick. So Matthew obliges while Joey continues to suck on Ashton's dick, only now Ashton is feeling left out, so Joey and Matthew both take turns fucking him from behind, then Ashton rides Joey til all three of them are ready to burst. Maybe the third rule of Jack Club should be, “Remember to bring the towels.” Enjoy!

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One of the best 3 ways I’ve seen. The guys are really into it!
2022-12-28 14:49
Super sexy 3 way! Brilliant dicks, lovely bodies! I would love to join in with this group!!!
2018-08-27 05:26
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