Sneak Technique

  • 01-29-2013 |
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Anderson Lovell and Colton Fox are horsing around in the empty gym one afternoon. Colton gives Anderson some instruction on the finer points of a takedown, demonstrating his technique with a sweeping leg motion that has both guys face down on the mat. Colton can feel his midsection pushed up against Anderson's ass, silky and smooth through his wrestling gear. Unable to resist temptation, Colton runs his hand down the crack of Anderson's ass, and Anderson is both a bit surprised and a bit turned on. As Colton continues, it becomes clear that both guys would rather move onto a different sort of contact sport. Colton brings Anderson's face up to his and the two guys kiss before Colton strips Anderson down to his jock strap, rubbing and nibbling on his cock. Anderson is receptive and much more naturally gifted in this arena than he is at wrestling, running his hands through Colton's hair and pushing his mouth deeper and deeper onto his waiting dick. Anderson fingers Colton's hole and lubes up his cock, and in no time, he is on top of Colton and pumping him full and hard on down on the mat. Colton emits a whimper of pleasure as Anderson continues to thrust, Colton now on top of Anderson and riding his dick into a frenzy. Both guys are dripping sweat and almost out of breath when Anderson pulls out just in time to blast Colton's backside with a hot pool of jizz, and they lay there and enjoy the moment for just a second, before one of the guys here's someone entering and they have to flee.Enjoy!

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Up until the 16 minute mark it looked certain that Colton would be topping, particularly when he was rimming and fingering Anderson. But suddenly Colton was turned over, fingered and fucked by the twink. Surprises sometimes happen in gay porn to bigger older models planning on topping!
2021-01-26 22:43
I love Anderson Lovell but I would like to see him bottom not top!!!
2014-08-21 16:01
A good cumshot by Anderson.....and I loved seeing his big balls suck up all the way into the root.
2014-07-26 13:50
Brief foreplay, could have been more. Good gay twink wrestling video. Usually the more experienced wrestler tops the less experienced one, but this video was the opposite. Colton gave a great performance as a gay twink jock bottom (never can have enough of those), and Anderson Lovell (what an English name for an Hispanic guy) is a good top. Too bad Colton did not cum at the end. Good overall video though.
2014-03-12 00:38
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