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On a cool morning, somewhere in the rolling hills of Northern California, Elijah White is getting up. But he set his alarm way too early. Now he's trying everything he can to allay his restlessness. He's listening to music, writing in his diary, and going through old pictures of friends. While looking at old memories, he comes across a photo of two boys Elijah had the luck to hook up with a few months back.

It's Cody Cachet and Mike King. They were two Twink hotties that Elijah will never forget. And since he's having so much trouble getting back to bed, Elijah's going to take a walk down memory lane and stroke his cock a bit. He's remembering Mike's eager mouth as it slurped his big, hard cock, and Cody's tight asshole while Elijah fucked him in the upstairs bathroom at Mike's grandmother's house after they all had finished a swim together on a sweltering, summer day. But what Elijah remembers best is the feel of both boys warm cum shooting out of their powerful dicks and sticking to his face.


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Mike King is the odd man out here; good skin, no tats, no piercings. Fucks nicely too.
2022-04-23 10:51
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