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Hayden Chandler is a bit worn out. Been playing the Wii all night it seems. And though he's gotten quite good at the baseball game, it has taken its toll and he is crashed out on the couch. Jamie Aero & Tommy Deluca haven't heard from Hayden all day, so when they come over and find him zonked out from playing, they decide to play their own game with bats and balls. Luckily for them, Hayden is already a pro at this game.


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Three hot twinks play with bats and balls, but the game they are playing is not baseball! Tommy with the biggest cock of the three was not surprisingly the stud of the scene fucking both Hayden and Jamie. Hayden in turn was the bitch of the scene, taking it up his hot butt from both of his scene partners Cute Jamie sucked a lot of dick, took Tommy's big cock up the butt and opened his mouth to take both of his buddies' cum. Great scene!
2020-05-29 00:23
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