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Anthony Romero has been working out at this gym for the past 6 months, and for the last two or three weeks there's this guy that has been giving him the eye, or so it seems. Devin Dixon has been around for a minute, and the two of them have had some pleasant exchanges, but up to now Anthony can't tell if Devin is interested or just being nice. Anthony has thought of ways to broach the subject and decided on his approach, so when Devin walks by him after sparring, and strips down before his shower, Anthony takes the bull by the horns, and the cock by the throat. Shoving his tongue down into Devin's mouth, he won't take no for an answer, which is just as well because Devin doesn't resist, and before you know it, Devin is on his knees waiting for Anthony's meat. But rather than just feed it to him, Anthony indulges another of his fantasies and blindfolds Devin while Devin sucks him off. Feeling his way around makes Devin even more horny, so Anthony plunges his cock deep inside of Devin and thrusts with reckless abandon, removing the blindfold and then using it to tie Devin's hands behind his back. Bound and fucked, Devin is ready to explode, so Anthony unties him just in time for Devin to stroke his cock into a cum spewing geyser pole. Sure this won't be the last time Devin finds himself all tied up at the gym.Enjoy!

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This video reveals the physical strength of Anthony, when he lifted and dropped Devin repeatedly in a standing bear-hug fuck. Kudos for this unusual interaction between these two stars. Great camera work, too.
2016-10-18 19:33
Very good locker room sex scene. Anthony, who I have only seen bottom before, tops Devin at the beginning and the end of this video with Devin doing a flip flop in between. Taller Anthony pulls off a nice locker room seduction of Devin. I loved the way Devin smiles just before and sometimes while being fucked. The name "Angela" tatooed to Devin's upper right arm indicates that he was straight or at least bi once. Devin cums big while getting fucked, and Anthony shoots big thereafter on Devin's stomach and chest. Very good video!
2014-06-11 00:51
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