Bearly Legal

  • 10-04-2011 |
  • 23129
Featuring Mike King, Max Morgan
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Max Morgan & Mike King are just a couple of young bucks who are bored and a little nave, but they are looking to expand their horizons. Max is clearly the instigator here, and it is pretty evident he's going to do whatever he can to get into Mike's pants. Mike is totally inexperienced, so Max suggests a little demo with the giant stuffed bear in Mike's room. Showing him the different sexual positions gets Mike a little curious, but when he assumes the position behind the bear, his curiosity grows along with his cock. Before he knows it, he 's rock hard and ready for some action, and Max is more than willing to help him out. After all, what are friends for?


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I agree that Mike and Max are hot together. But, Max would be hot doing absolutely nothing. I would like to see much more of him. PLEASE?
2014-12-29 05:22
Mike and Max are good looking twinks, finishing a list of chores, asking if the other got laid last night and winding up in the bedroom Mike shares with his brother. After Mike claims to be totally virgin and Max asserts that his only sexual experience was once exchanging mutual handjobs, Max grabs the brother's stuffed bear and demonstrates some fucking positions using the bear for a prop. This renders both boys horny and kissing, groping, taking out of cock and each sucks the other. Then Max assumes the bottom role of the bear as Mike tops him. After Max cums on his own stomach while getting fucked, Mike fingers off some of Max's cum and tastes it! Really good twink video to check out!
2014-07-27 00:18
Well worth watching!
2014-07-27 00:11
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