Blind Desire

  • 07-31-2012 |
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Boning up for a sociology exam, Lucas Knight & Ashton Rush are experimenting in a little role playing exercise. Ashton has donned a blindfold in an attempt to simulate blindness, and Lucas is serving as his guide. Fumbling around quite a bit, Ashton doesn't quite seem to be getting the hang of it, so Lucas asserts himself and guides him with prodding that is a little more hands on. Grabbing him by the waist and pulling him in closer, Lucas begins kissing Ashton, and Ashton responds with a much more practiced response. Slipping his blindfold down around his neck, Ashton initiates a different sort of experiment, falling to his knees and taking Lucas into his mouth, choking himself on Lucas' expanding cock. Lucas turns the table on Ashton, undressing him as he slobbers all over his dick, and once fully naked, he bends Ashton over and penetrates him from behind. Ashton emits a satisfactory moan as he feels Lucas pumping his hole, stroking himself as he gets pounded relentlessly before jizzing all over the sliding glass door in a streaky mess. Fair to say, Ashton didn't see that coming. Enjoy!

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This is still my favorite non-bareback scene.. Ashton Rush is just amazing
2020-05-26 17:25
Ashton is the real star in this he was obviously enjoying himself whereas Lucas at times seamed bored, there were no ass shots even after they got their kit off please Mr director we like to see some ass, Ashton's ass when we do get to see it is a thing of beauty plus he has a sweet face, but no ass to mouth as promised. Over all not bad but so many opportunity's missed.
2015-08-02 14:36
I just joyned Next door, so my comment is somehow late. I just love these boys, they are cute and go for it. Just great!
2015-05-11 16:58
It was nice to see Lucas Knight put that big dick and those big nuts to good use. I still like seeing him bottom...just nice to see him mix it up!
2014-12-24 15:28
I am such a fan of Lucas Knight. Can't get enough of his scenes. Wish there were more!
2014-11-04 20:16
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