Cheating Boyfriend

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Where there's smoke, there's fiery hot sex. When Scott Bridgeton and his friend Zander Williams return to Scott's place after a leisurely day at the county fair, Scott notices an unfamiliar pair of shoes left by the entryway. He's suspicious, but the two head into the kitchen to relax. It's not long before they experience something even more unusual.

A lamentation from the bedroom rings into the kitchen, 'Shove that cock in my mouth!' Scott creeps over to the bedroom door to investigate. Sure enough, when he gently nudges the door open a bit, he spies his boyfriend, Tyler King, sucking the long, hard dick belonging to Tyler's 'friend,' alleged straight boy, Jake Tyler.

Infuriated, but strangely aroused, Scott bursts in the room, with Zander following him. Tyler, shocked, begins to apologize. But as he does, Zander takes the opportunity to do something he's dreamed of for a long time. Grabbing Scott, Zander plants a passionate kiss. Scott kisses back with equal intensity as Tyler and Jake watch with surprise and confusion.

'You guys continue. We're gonna watch,' Scott says to his boyfriend and Jake.

Scott and Zander strip their clothes off and soon Scott is sucking Zander's swollen cock. Jake makes a move and licks Tyler's sweet ass for a while before standing up and pushing his erection inside Tyler. As they fuck hard, Scott leans over and kisses Tyler, as if to say, 'This sure is fun!'

The foursome then switch things up when the professed straight Jake acquaints himself with Zander. He pounds him hard as Tyler rides Scott right next to them. Join these incredibly hot boys for this very emotionally charged scene where straight boys push their limits, friends indulge deep desires, and a couple expands their sexual horizons.


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None of them look like they are enjoying it x
2016-08-01 17:12
I want you all to bring Tyler King back! Where is he? This has been one of the scenes I tend to watch over and over again; I loved how cute, innocent, and sweet he looks, but when you get right down to it, he is a deepthroating pig. Seeing him swallow balls deep, veins bulging in his forehead and neck...DAMN! Awesome scene!
2015-11-16 23:02
First off, handsome models, particularly Jake Tyler, but this video could have been so much better. I like concept but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The video would have been better with a shorter running time and by having the models more active. They could change positions more frequently and there could be more action shots of anal penetrations and such. I don't mean to be overly critical but the best studios give you consistently hot sex with guys passionately involved, frequent cut scenes of the action and scenes move along enough to keep the viewer interested. This is not a scene I'd want to see again. Just saying...
2014-08-11 03:44
One of the dudes hands is orange.
2014-07-10 06:17
thats a party I would want to be in!
2014-06-04 09:45
What happened to identifying the actors by name? How can I search for favorite actors without names?
2014-05-02 06:45
We would like to send out a special thank you to Balrog for sharing his idea with us and we hope you enjoy the final result and that it lives up to your fantasies. Ryan Knight NextdoorStudios.
2014-04-29 13:23
I would have liked to see more inter-play between these young men, rather than having to wait until almost the end. An interesting storyline which was not acted out as well as it could be. Perhaps another time. A nice selection of balls in this film if that's your scene
2014-04-23 11:40
Parts of this were good, but other parts were really boring! There should have been more talking and interaction between the boys! BB would have been really great in this scene!
2014-04-23 06:07
Nice story line that was submitted. Unfortunately the casting of a straight twink was not met. Even an acceptable wannabe would have been nice. That said, some good sex between four obvious gay young men.
2014-04-22 07:46
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