Detention Suxx!

  • 11-05-2013 |
  • 11847
Featuring Tyler Morgan, Alex Love
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It's another day in after-school detention for Tyler Morgan. But for goodie two-shoes, Alex Love, it's a shameful, traumatic experience. Alex's mom already told him that if he doesn't use the time in detention to finish his math homework, he's in big trouble. Tyler knows Alex has never been punished at school before. In fact, Alex has a reputation for being the teacher's pet. Tyler's decided to make good use of his time today trying to hook up with Alex!

Tyler's the type of guy that never gives up after an initial rejection. Even though Alex fends off his first advances with scowling dirty looks, Tyler doesn't let up. He knows the key here will be making Alex laugh. Sure enough, when he goes to the front of the room and tries on the teacher's glasses, Alex chuckles. Tyler turns up the sexiness by lifting his shirt up and showing his midriff. Alex can't help but fuck a chubby. Tyler removes his shirt completely and invites Alex to join him at the front of the classroom for some sensual fun. Alex does and Tyler can't get Alex's sweet cock in his mouth fast enough. Alex can't believe this is happening! The hottest guy in school, sucking his cock in detention! Is he dreaming?? Then something so epic and crazy happens, you won't believe your eyes. Right there, on the teacher's desk, Tyler lets Alex fuck him! Alex is blown away by how good Tyler's tight hole feels on his swollen dick. Pounding that tender, class clown ass definitely makes getting in trouble worth it!


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Good scene. Detention seduction of straight boy big dick Alex by Tyler who puts his mouth and ass to good use.
2015-05-11 23:32
Man oh man what a beautiful set of men. I want to start off with that big uncut dick of Alex Love. I want to suck on that all night long, I also want to give him the best rim job of his life, But I want to lick him all over his feet legs balls ass and his pretty armpits. Now for Tyler Morgan I would do the same with him but spend some time on his chest. I would love to have both of them to give me a golden shower and fill a glass up with piss each. That way I can drink their piss and swallow their sweet man juice.
2014-02-28 00:39
u had me right up until the piss talk  yuk!!!!!
2017-03-25 09:04
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