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Jackson Wolf is a big-time prankster. He's been watching Colby Harris and Billy London play by the pool for long enough to plot his wet-and-wild sabotage. While Colby and Billy spread lotion on each other and make out, Jackson blasts a cold stream of water at them, surprising them both! But these boys are prepared, as they grab their own high-powered squirters to defend themselves.

But when Billy's swimsuit is pulled off, Jackson and Colby play a vicious game of keep away from the cute, naked Twink. When Billy returns the favor, Colby chases them back into the house, where all three boys end up naked and wet! After some playing on the bed, their dicks harden up and pulsate to be sucked and jerked. Colby can't get enough of Jackson's enormous cock. Watch him suck like a cum-hungry fiend while Billy and Jackson lick and kiss each other. It's not long before Jackson slides that giant dick into Colby's sweet, tender hole for a hard ramming. And Billy's taking care of the other end by jamming his cock down Colby's eager throat. There's even more incredible action you have to see to believe. These hot boys are insatiable and Summertime only makes them want it more!


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close to my fantasy video two gingers and a blond but still hoping to see a all ginger gang bang
2021-01-12 17:22
Hot trio! Obviously having great fun, which makes for great sex! Three well-endowed young men enjoying each other's bodies.
2018-09-07 02:49
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