Game On!

  • 07-12-2011 |
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Nick Reeves and Adrian Layton have a standing game every weekend, but today, Adrian just isn't feeling like running around and getting all sweaty out in the field. He'd much rather roll around inside and get all sweaty doing something else. Luckily, Nick is down for whatever, and since neither one of them are really that good at soccer anyway, they decide to stay home and practice something they ARE really good at. It's a better workout anyway.


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Adrian Layton is a really lousy actor - I mean really lousy, but he is a solid performer in the sex area. Nick Reeves is so adorable, all he needs to do is show up for the scene. I really enjoyed these two.
2019-10-27 21:31
If you are into high school senior twink soccer players going at it, this is the scene for you! Great oral by both guys, a little foot fetish play on Nick's feet while he wears his soccer socks (by the way the soccer ball is present for a good deal of the video). Even though Nick is the bigger twink of the two and for much of the video it is uncertain who will bottom, eventually Nick takes his skinny buddy's big dick up his butt. Nice fuck and two big loads. It is high school soccer at its best!
2014-10-01 01:03
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