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Featuring Kyler Benz, Trevor Knox
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Trevor Knox is known around school for his ability to wrestle. A member of the team for quite some time, he's one of the senior team leaders, and as such, he cares deeply for the rites of passage pertaining to the squad. Kyler Benz is a fresh face, and just looking for something to do. He's not even sure if he likes wrestling, but he's enlisted Trevor to help show him some moves on the mat. Kyler is pensive in his approach, and Trevor senses that his apprehension. So Trevor lets Kyler in on a little secret... well, not a little secret. Noticing the bulge in Kyler's tights, Trevor suggests that he and Kyler move on to a lesser known ritual of wrestling practice. Confused, Kyler lay motionless as Trevor whips out his big dick and slaps it against Kyler's chest. Kyler is much more adept at this kind of physical contact, immediately plunging Trevor's cock deep down his throat. Trevor fucks his face on the mat like that for a few minutes, until he can't contain himself, so he slides his dick into Kyler's asshole as Kyler bites his lip in anticipation. Pumping him good now, it occurs to Trevor that Kyler's membership on the team would not be without reward, and as he pulls out and blasts Kyler's face with a load of hot cum, he decides Kyler is a welcome addition to the squad.Enjoy!

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It was an alright video clip.
2015-07-17 21:39
If you, like me, appreciate the homoerotic implications of wrestling and speculates as to where it might lead, this is the video for you. Trevor and Kyler are perfectly cast respectively as the experienced senior college wrestler (a little older and more muscular) and the college freshman skinny twink novice interested in trying wrestling. When Kyler starts the match by chosing the bottom position, he turns out to be on the bottom in more ways than one. Hot dialogue such as, when the sucking starts, Kyler exclaiming: "If I knew wrestling was like this, I would have signed up a long time ago!" Then, after a long hot but predictable fuck of Kyler by Trevor, surprisingly Kyler asks for a condom and does a flip flop fuck of Trevor. Trevor then resumes his fucking Kyler, culminating in fucking the cum out of him. The really hot conclusion of the scene is Trevor sealing the deal of Kyler joining the wrestling team by cumming into his mouth and Kyler swallowing. Very very hot video.
2014-03-31 00:20
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