Landon's First

  • 08-16-2011 |
  • 11432
Featuring Jay Dubbs, Landon Terry
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Landon Terry and Jay Dubbs are room-mates from very different backgrounds. Landon is quiet, conservative, and maybe even a little nave. Jay is more expressive, out-going, and definitely more experienced in the ways of life. The one area where they come together is for their attraction to each other, although Landon has been more reserved in his willingness to act on it... until today. It seems as though some recent conversations has piqued Landon's curiosity past the point that he can stand, and so when he sees Jay's tender young ass just laying around doing nothing, he decides to act on his impulses, consequences be damned. Of course, Jay is more than receptive, and he guides Landon through the whole thing, slipping the condom on and easing it into his waiting hole. Soon, these guys will be cumming together in a lot of ways. Enjoy!

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realy liked this scene,took me back to my first fumbles with fellow students.
2014-10-31 18:39
Nice video of twink roommate sex. It illustrates why parents hate their teen age sons growing their hair long, because they turn out to be such good bottoms for their twink buddies!
2014-10-03 22:44
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