Lounging Booty

  • 03-20-2012 |
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Jay Cloud is dreaming of far-off horizons and erotic, dancing silhouettes. Peaceful and alone, he reposes. But Randall O'Reilly has been plotting a sexual ambush. He enters without a sound, watching his prey like a hungry animal. As he moves in, Randall can hear Jay's deep breathing, a sign he's in a deep, deep slumber. Randal begins with some very gentle, slow caressing around Jay's ass. Soon Randall has worked Jay's shorts down enough to lightly lick where his cheeks meet. Suddenly Jay flips over, causing Randall to take quick cover next to the bed. He moves back in when it seems safe, this time taking Jay's cock carefully in his mouth. But like most, Jay doesn't rest soundly enough to miss a pair of warm lips on his dick. He catches Randall in the act and gives him exactly what he was after! Watch Jay face fuck this sneaky cock lover, pulling his head in, making Randall take every inch of his enormous boner. Soon Jay is getting a taste too after they switch into some hot 69 action. Then it's time for Jay's tight hole to be plowed as Randall gives this hunk a full-throttle banging. Enjoy!

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Should have been a flip. Really wanted to see Jay's 8+ work over Randell's pretty ass. I do like it when Jay bottoms. How about a part 2?
2022-03-02 07:22
Both guys are great in this scene. Wow, I love any video where Jay bottoms. Can't get enough of that. Hope he's still in the business and comes back soon for more NDS action.
2017-09-09 19:30
Now this could happen, but after seeing my gay friend bashed by a str8/bi guy this is NOT a turn on for me, look Jay Cloud is sexy and hot, as is Randall O'Reilly, but I just can't get the Hookup thing and bashing thing out of my head...but good vid.
2015-11-29 15:09
Jay that was a real lame cum shot. m BOO!
2014-11-17 20:06
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