Private Host

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Jessie Kale can't believe his stroke of bad luck. While on vacation with his parents, they drop him off at the resort so they can go do boring, old-people stuff. As Jessie sits in the resort lobby, Adrian Rivers, a very special private host at the resort, tries to reassure Jessie that there is indeed fun to be had.

Adrian takes shows Jessie the room where he'll be staying. This is where Adrian makes a sexual advance on the bored boy. As Adrian explains that his purpose is to make sure Jessie has a good time, he places Jessie's hand right on Adrian's own crotch. Jessie perks up a bit. He didn't expect this, but he's sure game! Soon the boys are kissing each other and caressing each other's bodies. They remove their shirts and Jessie goes right in for a taste of Adrian's large dick. THIS is the type of guest Adrian loves to help! Next, they move to the bed where Adrian takes Jessie's warm cock in his mouth. Jessie can tell Adrian is passionate about his job. He can take a massive dong like a pro. Then Jessie climbs on top of Adrian to get his tight asshole fucked. Adrian knows how to properly slam the bored out of a hot guy like Jessie. Watch him prove to Jessie that there are plenty of fun things to do, right here at the resort!


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Good video. After whining about how bored he is at the resort his parents took him to, private host Adrian gives spoiled brat Jessie a big cock to suck on and then get rammed up the spoiled brat's ass. No more complaining from spoiled brat Jessie!
2016-02-23 22:38

Hi everyone, in case you haven't seen me over at the Next Door World hub, I'm West, the new Creative Marketing Manager for Next Door Studios. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback about our scenes, both ones you liked and ones you didn't, as it really helps us as we try to improve our product for you. I can also promise you that these conversations won't be one-sided, and I'll try to remain a helpful source for addressing your comments and concerns.

We don't always do Twink scenes where both of the cast are fairly new to our site, so it's especially important to us to improve these types of scenes, as they don't have the "star power" that some of our other updates boast.

I'd love to hear more about what we can do to catch your eye - what would YOU like to see in a scene with two "new" actors?


2014-11-24 15:08
As a subscriber to your nextdoorbuddies and nextdoortwink, thanks for that. It is nice to be listened to.
2014-11-27 00:21
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