Runaway Rendezvous

  • 09-17-2013 |
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Featuring Asa Shaw, Ashton Webber
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Catch some of this secret, sexy heat! Asa Shaw and his schoolmate, Ashton Webber, had been commiserating at track practice earlier today. It seems Asa's mom is on his back about his grades and other shit. Ashton's dad is threatening to send him to boot camp if he doesn't get his act together. Considering all the trouble they're having at home, the two made a pact to run away together...right after practice!

They decide to meet up inside the old locker room across campus, the one nobody uses anymore. Asa seemed a bit reticent when they had been discussing the plan earlier, so Ashton wants to be sure his friend's mind is at ease about the runaway plan. Asa arrives to find Ashton in a towel, looking sexier than ever. Asa can't keep himself from kissing and feeling Ashton's hot bod. Soon both boys are nude and enjoying each other. Asa starts by sucking Ashton's throbbing cock. Then Ashton has a nice taste of Asa's sweet fuck hole. He's making sure it's slick, and ready for what he has in mind next. Watch Ashton slide his hardened dick into Asa's ass. Asa knows he shouldn't be doing this, especially on campus! But it feels too good. And besides, they're runaways now! Don't miss this very naughty, very erotic, incredibly hot, clandestine encounter as these boys get ready for life on their own.


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Let's Put the Next Door back in NextDoor!
I concur. He does not need tattoos to stand out because his mesmerizing eyes do that for him! Blue eyes are becoming a rarity in the U.S., and his are lovely. Besides, he indubitably is not living up to his Katy Perry mantra on his left arm with the way he is treating his intimate partner here. Great big swinging balls to the wall, but the rubber ruins the scene!
2020-01-03 01:47
Ashton should have stuck with his lone Taurus shoulder blade tattoo. You can tell he's a gym rat. Amazing package!
2016-09-02 18:03
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