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It's three Twinks who know how to make studying fun! Christian Collins is one of the most popular boys in school. He's invited over Sebastian Conally and Luke Allen to work on their art projects. Sebastian and Luke are, in Christian's opinion, the hottest guys in the class...that he hasn't hooked up with yet! But things just may change tonight. As Christian works on a pencil sketch, he notices Sebastian is rubbing his crotch. It looks like he's squeezing a boner! Christian takes a chance and goes in for a passionate smooch. Luke likes what he's seeing and moves in closer to join the action, making a three-way kiss! Christian takes out Sebastian's cock and strokes it. Before long each of the three are naked, tugging their stiffies. Sebastian goes down and puts Christian's dick in his mouth. As he sucks, Luke takes the opportunity to slurp Sebastian's hard dong. Then Luke moves up to share Christian's boner with Sebastian. After they take turns on the fat pole for a while. Sebastian decides to move around into fucking position on Luke. Luke's butthole puckers at the thought of having Sebastian pound it. Christian continues to face fuck Luke as Sebastian bangs him from the other side. Check out these class hotties release their finals week stress in this sweaty cram session! Enjoy!

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Christian Collins is so gorgeous.
2018-09-11 16:39
Compared to other performances by these three hotties, this scene is boring. Could one of them not put Luke on his back and fucked the shit out of him?
2015-02-08 06:48
what a turn off! drawing leathermen? turned it off after viewing that.
2014-05-14 20:26
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