Summer Fling

  • 07-22-2014 |
  • 9174
Featuring Nick B, Jake Piper
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All year, Nick has been looking for an opportunity to hook up with his acquaintance from school, Jake Piper. But as the final bell of the year rings, sending students off for Summer vacation, Nick fears Jake may have slipped out of his reach for now.

As they walk home together though, Nick sees a glimmer of hope. Jake explains that he's looking for landscaping work. It happens that Nick's parents are in need of some of this very type of help at their house! A few days later, Jake is working in the Pipers' backyard with a rake. Nick emerges from the shower and, from a window, sees the object of his desire toiling under the hot sun. They catch each other's eye and begin touching themselves, both growing large boners. Jake approaches and enters the house where his is met by Nick, wearing only a towel. They kiss deeply. Then Nick goes to his knees to suck Jake's throbbing cock. It tastes good, just as he expected. Then the two move to a couch where Jake slobs Nick's knob for a while. Before long, Jake is fucking Nick's sweet, tender ass. It's just what Nick had been wanting all year! After slamming Nick's tight hole from behind for a while, Jake takes a seat on the couch so Nick can ride his hard dick. The intense feelings rush over each of their bodies. Nick realizes this feeling of ecstasy is the perfect way to start the Summer.


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Almost came just from the kissing
2015-01-26 01:59
so incredibly hot, the bottom is gorgeous, definitely wanna see more of him
2014-07-28 01:00
Good theme of the two high school seniors finishing school for the year, the parents of one hiring the other to do landscaping and the summer fling ensues. Jake is a hot, almost handsome top, who sucks cock very well. Nick is not my favorite model but does suck and take it up the butt well. After Jake cums, he doesn't take the load in his mouth but does take a facial and does lick a little cum off of Jake's dick. So give him points for that. Not my favorite scene, but not bad. P.S. Jake has a nice butt. It would be good to see him bottom in the future.
2014-07-22 23:00
Okay scene. Would be better BB! Would really like to see some different positions, than the same ones all the time!
2014-07-22 02:11
awesome scene--both guys stayed rock hard through the entire video--they both sucked dick
2014-07-22 02:07
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