Thank Goodness For Country Boys

  • 08-09-2011 |
  • 17884
Featuring Corey Jakobs, Mike King
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It's a sweet life out up in the hills for pals Mike King and Corey Jakobs. Sure, they bicker sometimes about stuff, but they always end up gettin' along in the end. While singing his favorite new country tune at the top of his lungs, Mike upsets Corey who is trying to listen to some indie rock on his mp3 player. Mike loves getting on Corey's nerves, 'cause he knows he can usually squeeze a blowjob out of the situation.

Even though Corey's telling Mike to 'shut the fuck up,' he can't hold back a cute, wry smile that let's Mike knows he right on track for getting his dick in Corey's mouth. After a little playful coaxing, Corey is on his knees, enjoying Mike's fat, country boy cock. But when Mike is suddenly called away by his Pa to help cut down a diseased Mulberry, Corey is left to finish himself off. Watch him jerk his meaty Twink cock while relaxing in the shade of that wise, old oak tree.


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What a beautiful model, we need close ups of the cum shot please. Thank you, Ken
2021-08-30 11:46
What a dumbass video. Somebody should have fucked somebody!.
2015-01-11 00:11
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