The Client Cumback

  • 08-30-2011 |
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Max Morgan is new in town and trying to build his massage therapy clientele from the ground up. It's a pretty saturated market, so to get a leg up on the competition, Max employs a few extra tricks. Corey Jakobs is really just looking for a good massage to work out the kinks in his back, but it quickly becomes apparent to him that he has gotten more than he has bargained for. Not that he objects, especially when Max's soft touch moves beneath the towel and Max starts massaging Corey's asshole. Before long at all, Max is going all the way down on Corey, and not too long after that, Corey is balls deep inside Max- seems like Max's method for getting clients to come back is to let them cum on his back!


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This video was filmed almost three years ago. If I am not mistaken, the blond Corey in this scene has the looks and voice of Scotty Clarke, a twink blond bottom who has been filming for Helix the past year. If I am correct, Corey is an example of an 18 year old twink top when he starts gay porn and becomes a twink bottom after a year or two.
2014-06-25 00:47
Good massage, good suck and fuck, happy ending!
2014-06-25 00:44
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