The Scene Before The Scene

  • 01-31-2012 |
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Steven Shields, AJ Monroe and Rick McCoy are just hanging out together and shooting the shit one afternoon, waiting to film their scene. Comparing cell phone pics of different women they've had sex with, it comes up that by a weird twist of fate, Steven has somehow fucked Rick's wife. Something about jail and playing cards. An argument ensues, and the details are sketchy, but when it is all said and done, Steven has ripped his shirt off and has AJ's cock in his mouth. This all seems highly unlikely until you figure in the fact that Steven, as he states several times throughout, just doesn't give a shit. He's like the honey badger of other people's wives... or boyfriends, as the case may be. It's all very puzzling, but the good news is that jail has apparently taught Steven how to suck a mean cock. Now nobody sucks a cock like Rick McCoy, and to prove it he snatches AJ's dick and goes balls deep with his throat, which of course prompts the ever competitive Steven to try and do the same. AJ is not complaining. Next thing you know, Steven is skull-fucking Rick's mouth and AJ is watching, then Steven fucks AJ while Rick gags Steven with his long hard cock. Again. Details get very murky. Maybe it's best if you just watch it unfold.


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This scene was hot as fuck. It would have been hot to see a one on one pairing between Steven and Rick, they really seemed to spark each other up to the next level.
2021-10-03 07:45
Great scene. As is most often the case, AJ makes it happen. What a guy!
2019-08-06 20:39
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