The Twinks Gourmet

  • 11-15-2011 |
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It's a delicious afternoon in the kitchen when Adam Wirthmore, Alex Waters, Noah Brooks, and Jay Kohl team up. Adam is hosting this gourmet guide to preparing hot dogs. And even though Alex has cooked up some long, fresh Polish dogs, Adam wants to wrap his lips around another wiener...the one under Alex's apron!

And if you know Noah, you know hanging around these hot boys in the kitchen all day has him salivating for hard dick. He's getting a delicious taste of Jay's scrumptious cock! And in return, Noah's giving Jay a chance to enjoy his hot buns! Adam has eagerly been awaiting a nice, firm, well-cooked dog in his tight hole. It's a good thing Jay's is plumped to perfection! Grab your oven mitt and get ready to kiss the cooks as you watch this sizzling hot, gourmet romp!


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Get ready for some hot dog/sausage/cock/dick puns at the beginning of this video highlighted by a hard cock being placed in a hot dog roll on a plate. Very good oral and anal follow with Adam bottoming for first Alex and then Jay, Noah bottoming for Jay only, and blond Alex and Jay topping only. After Adam gets his cum fucked out of him by Jay, interesting conclusion with Alex, Noah and Jay adding "special sauce" to a hot dog on a plate and Adam then taking a big bite out of it!
2014-09-23 23:40
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