Their Own Sex Tape

  • 04-19-2011 |
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Kain Lanning is super psyched to make a dirty movie with his cute, boy-toy friend Austin Trip. They've made a couple videos before, but only taping each other stroking off. Kain, feeling a bit saucy after his hot shower, gets a crazy idea in his head: this time they should make a sex video featuring them both!

Not surprisingly, Austin is totally into it. He jumps on top of Kain, kissing him passionately. He and his hard dick had the same idea the whole time! Soon Austin is enjoying Kain's luscious boner in his Twink mouth, bobbing with pleasure. And to add some variety and spice up the video, Austin licks Kain's tasty, tight asshole. Kain becomes so hard, hot, and horny, he's just gotta turn Austin around and slide his cock into that perfect ass. Watch these young boys experiment with homemade sexy videos as they let their passion and excitement run wild!


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great rimming & fingering. loved the intense ass play.!! well done.
2014-11-02 22:32
Both guys are great and have made a lovely scene together Austin Trip is a sight for sore eyes, wish he got fucked as well with a fabulous ass he's got.
2014-03-02 15:06
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