Three's The Charm

  • 09-02-2014 |
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Micky Mackenzie and Cameron Walker have been in a committed relationship for a few months now. When Cameron first told Micky he wanted to be exclusive with him, Micky was reticent, only because both of them are bottoms. Now, they've hit an impasse. As Cameron prepares bowls of cereal for them both, Micky decides to finally confront the issue.

When he asks Cameron if he'd be willing to simply try to fuck his ass, Cameron becomes irritated and dismissive. But then Micky suggests they invite a third party into their sexual routine to see if something can be done to satisfy them both properly. Cameron is surprised and LOVES the idea! He texts Zak Reed, a hot boy he met online, and Zak agrees to come over. When he arrives, the three don't waste any time getting down to pleasure. First Micky sucks Zak's large, stiff Twink cock while Cameron slurps on Micky's thang. They soon switch so Cameron can fuck Micky's tight ass. Cameron stays his course, taking Micky's cock deep in his throat. Then they switch so Cameron can be fucked by their new friend's pulsating erection. Find out what happens when this struggling young couple seek help from a sexy, horny stranger!


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What a pity that Cameron Walker didn't stay around for a few more videos. That beautiful uncut dick on a slim body. And that great cumshot. He deserved a place in the title of this one video he did.
2022-05-04 14:41
Please Please Please add more content with Cameron Walker...he's so hot!!
2014-09-12 00:42
Really good twink sex! Zak truly plays the stud role here, fucking the two bottoms in a committed but frustrated relationship as both of them need dick up the butt. Nice finish as Micky tries to take both loads in his mouth, gets some of Cameron's and virtually all of Zak's.
2014-09-03 22:02
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