Twister Twinks

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It's a drizzly afternoon while Christian Collins visits Max Flint for a round of the classic game, Twister. Before they start, of course shirts and pants are removed to allow for better movement and flexibility. Max is a shy boy, and it's his first semester at a new school. He's glad to have made a friend like Christian. As he balances himself in a funny position on the mat after taking his turn first, Christian stoops down and contorts himself in a way that doesn't allow much stability for long. The two crash together on the floor, giggling and tossing back their heads without care, feeling comfortable with one another. Max decides to go in for a kiss. To his chagrin, Christian reciprocates. Their tongues flick each other back and forth, up and down. Max kisses Christian's body, moving his way down. He pulls out Christian's healthy boner and wraps his wet lips around it, sucking while he looks into his friend's eyes. After a bit of this, Max stands up so Christian can taste him. He can tell Christian has sucked a dick before. He likes the way Christian uses his tongue around the head. Then Max lays Christian down on the bed and begins licking around his puckered hole. Max loves the sensation it sends up his entire body. But Max wants to go even further. He rubs his hard cock on the hole, then slips it in. Christian moans with delight as Max pounds his tight, sweet ass hard. But Max also wants a nice stiffie in his own hole. See these luscious boys turn a game of Twister into a wild and sexy afternoon romp! Enjoy!

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WOWZERS!!! Generally, i find twink movies to be somewhat tedious after the first 5 or 10 minutes of admiring their perfect bodies, and,if I'M lucky hair like Christian has in this video. But ,after those first few minutes ...meh...the kids don't know enough about sex to keep it up and interesting. Not so in this. They both seem fairly natural, with Max being the somewhat more 'experienced' of the 2,frankly Christian looks like he doesn't know much about sex, let alone being in porn, but he's an apt pupil, and then, when it comes to fucking, Christian's bunghole stretches around Max' meatpole like it was quite familiar with the concept.
Bringing us to the moneyshots. Nothing short of classics. They could be used in a stroke film class to teach the actors how to position their bodies - arms,legs,hands - so that they're not clumsily in the way, and for the director on where and how to place the cameras, and then to cut it all together into a seamless whole (hole?).
In other words, BRILLIANT!!! THANK YOU to all involved
2021-11-27 23:50
Christian is a DNA lottery winner. A real stunner.
2016-08-20 18:19
Fantastic video of two tops flip flopping. Max is hot and great, but twink top Christian stars when he sucks, gets rimmed and fucked (wimpering during most of his rimming and fucking by Max) with the culmination of his "no hands" cumshot. Super hot!
2014-05-27 00:14
The way Max rims . akin to MAGIC. And, yes, the "no hands" cumshot is great!
2014-05-13 04:39
An absolute superb film. These two testosterone charged young studs act out good foreplay as they each twist and turn almost naked on the Twister mat. Eventually they can hold off from each other no longer and the chemistry between them is clear as each releases his feelings for the other. It is rare to see a 'no hands' cum shot but Christian gives a good account soon to be followed by Max. An excellent piece of production, well thought out and timed to perfection. Ten out of ten!
2014-05-03 13:43
One of the best gay videos ever made! Super hot twink models. Very good plot, and Christian (usually a top) primarily bottoms in this and gives us a "no hands" cum shot and gets some of Max's cum in his mouth at the end. Terrific!
2014-02-16 00:02
Yes a "no hands" cum shot is a rarity indeed
2014-05-03 13:01
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